Thursday, April 12, 2007

Stilla's Sense of Snow

...ok, so it wasn't snow exactly, but as I'm sure you all noticed it was bloody cold last weekend! I woke up Sunday morning - on the Florida coast near Pensacola, mind you - to find ice on the windshield and sleet collected on the cycad plants. Ice - in Florida - in April!!! I tried to find historical weather data for Pensacola to see if I could calculate the probability of temperatures <40 in the first week of April, but couldn't find any free data. I imagine the probability's pretty low, though.

I'm slowly poring through the Bayesian papers and book. It's quite complicated - both theoretically and practically - but we've had a local Bayesian expert, Chuck Bell, speaking to our Phylogenetics class, which has been helpful. He uses Bayesian stats in a different manner (specifically for phylogenetic tree selection, which uses somewhat different techniques and software programs than ecological analysis), but his lectures have been a huge help in understanding the theory behind the techniques (and learning how to read all that Greek code - ok, Latin, but it looks like Greek to me!).

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